Taito Type X 

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Taito Type X2–Super Street Fighter IV arcade edition ver 2012(Japanese Version)(1Player)2pcs Price



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USD 1,100.00

Taito Type X2 Mother board x 2
Super Street Fighter 4 2012 Hard Disk and Dongle x 2
Converter Board OR Sege IO Board with Cable  X 2

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Super Street Fighter IV AE ver 2012  is the new upgrade kit of Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, design for Japanese arcade version.

This software kit is form Hard drive and dongle kit this time, comes with TAITO Type X2 system and can link up to four mainboard for multiplayer competition game.

And it is a balanced version of the game with a multitude of changes for each character, not just change from the strong characters: Yun, Yang, Feilong, etc….